Why are the pioneers turning over in their graves?

pioneer family

We all see glimpses of it every day, and it’s become more and more frequent these past few years. You know what I’m talking about – the tiny house movement, the homesteaders, the people just wanting to live a simpler, more basic life.

This is our families goal too, to one day have a small farm where we can focus on the things that matter most and not the hectic life we lead now where we work ourselves to death for no reason other than societal induced Stockholm syndrome.

It’s daily, hourly, up-to-the-minute reminders that this new gadget, or that new delivery website will make our lives better, and dare I say – happier. All lies. Better yet, we know they are lies but that doesn’t stop us from buying into all those shiny new temptations that might save us 2 minutes of our time each day – yes, I’m talking about you garlic press.

So, the idea for this website was born. Not only would Jebediah Pioneer be turning over in his grave over the notion of a garlic press but the reminder that he would also gives us pause. A moment to focus on where we came from, the effort it took to get here, and reconnect with that simpler way of life.




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