Remember that garlic press we talked about?


Garlic_Press_and_GarlicThe pioneers would turn over in their grave if they saw a modern day garlic press.

I certainly couldn’t live without this beauty. Fresh garlic in our house is practically an every day staple. If Ma Pioneer saw one of these babies her first thought might be – maybe my hands won’t smell like garlic for two weeks straight after cooking up a pot of trail beans.

garlic meme

What do you think the pioneers used to mince their garlic anyway, a wagon wheel? Surely ole’ Jebediah was a bit more creative and less unsanitary than that. They probably at least had a mortar and pestle or an ax for the task. I can picture him now, husking garlic cloves in between chops of wood, a welcome break from all that manual labor. slicing through each clove on the bulb like butter with his big ax. mmmmmm, butter.

garlic meme2





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